(Broken-Car-Yard is a wonderful place for people who need out-of-production car parts or cheap replacemnet. "Wild on Wheels" always take this way to save their budget on the second-hand car rebuilding. But not all of those broken-car-yard is opened for public. As I know, those in Japan is restricted-opening. If seeking any parts, the clerk would find and take for you. Normal guys couldn't enter-in to treasure-hant.


Most of the broken-car-yards in Mainland are not for public. But this on located in Beijing is quite interesting. Someone placed all of these "merchant" on "high level")



Alfa Romeo 155!算是稀有貨

這個乍看之下是 LC80 Land Cruiser,但其實不是

早期的 G461 G-Class,可能還是軍用版的!

老 JAGUAR,可惜不是電鍍保桿

CX 也算是個狠角色




(It is not hard to recognize what those cars are. Only white SUV is not LC80 Land Cruiser. It is JiangNan Fuchi which is licenced by TOYOTA. Other cars are very rare in Mainland. And it seems that these parts are useful for the owner. Too bad that I couldn't get closer and figure out what's going on about this "high level" broken-cars for.)


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