COROLLA 一向是本地最暢銷的中小型房車,即便以往純進口的年代,也是同級車的佼佼者。E110 COROLLA 就相當於進口版的最後一代:MyPower 1.8。當時因為和泰只進口 1.8 排氣量,加上 Sentra 攻擊力太強,所以 MyPower 的市場表現不算出色。或許 MyPower 的外型也影響了它的成績,但如果當時和泰引進的是歐規版本,相信這會成為本地最稀少的豐田汽車。


(Since the first generation of COROLLA in 1971, it became the most popular Japanese car in Taiwan. In 1989, the E90 COROLLA came back to Taiwan due to USA-made. E90 gained the title of best-sold import sedan. Later in 1992, with two SRS and young style E100 COROLLA kept this title as well.


Yue-Loong released SENTRA CE in 1996, the segment suffered a big change. High-equippment meant high supported in market. As a foreign choice, E100 COROLLA bacame more and more low-power. Ho-Tai, the Taiwan TOYOTA importer gambled on E110 COROLLA. Ho-Tai only offers 1.8 capacity and called it as My Power COROLLA. This choice didn't make big effort. Although COROLLA still kept the best-sold import sedan title, the figure of selling was far away from SENTRA. I believe that if Ho-Tai imported Euro version E110 COROLLA at that moment, Ho-Tai would suffer a great frustration.)

歐洲版的 COROLLA 也是從 E110 開始交由歐洲設計中心主導整個開發案,也就是從 E110 COROLLA 開始,歐規 COROLLA 與日規/美規 外觀分道揚鑣。站在亞洲人的觀點來看,歐規 COROLLA 除了「醜怪」兩字,真找不出合適的形容詞。不過這種外觀在歐洲倒是還吃得開,當年 C. Sainz 就開著這麼一個外殼拿下 WRC 冠軍。


歐規 COROLLA 不消說,肯定是留學生自攜歸國的。照片這台 E110 還配有鋁圈以及同色保桿,屬於比較高的級別,在「留學生車」當中也是比較少見的。

(Euro E110 COROLLA was desined by TOYOTA-Euro. Its exterior is not accepeted by Asian. It was only sold in Southeast-Asia and Macau Taxi. Euro COROLLAs in Taiwan are very few. Almost all of them was taken by studying-abroad student. The maintaince and repair work could be a hard job here. )

<E110 COROLLA "MyPower">


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